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custom Flyer Design

Custom Flyer Design

    Product Details

    Submit Information -

    After payment is made you will receive an order confirmation email asking for all information + images for your project! you can also provide the designer some notes on how you want your design to appear such as ideas, colors, sketches, etc. You  will receive final design by email within the chosen time frame. If you do not see order confirmation email, make sure to check the promotions tab, all mail or spam.

    3 Free Design Revisions -

    We offer 3 rounds of revisions but does not include the addition of more info or images or resize of design. Revisions can include any moving or size change of text or images, color changes and any typos. Additional revisions will result in service fees.

    We Do Not Offer -

    (1) .psd files (2) .png files (3) sending files “separately” contained within .psd. The design project you will receive from us once “approved” by you as final design is the complete and final files.


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